Hi! I'm glad you're here.

I’m Sol, a literary writer and SEO copywriter. My blog posts, short-form copy, and articles have been published on respected websites and online magazines.

Currently a senior year student of the Media and Entertainment Management BA and part of Gotham Writers' Program Certificate in Fiction Writing. Passionate about storytelling, performing arts, theme parks, fashion and beauty, and all things creative.

A few fun facts about me: 

  • I’m bilingual. I speak both English and Spanish. So in case you need content targeted towards a Hispanic audience, I’m definitely the writer you've been looking for.
  • I’m also a professional makeup artist. After spending two years studying all about beauty, I received my certificate back in 2019. 
  • Because of my Media and Entertainment Management studies, I have expert knowledge of digital marketing, creative content campaigns, scriptwriting, audiovisual production, and contemporary journalism. 
  • I’m an unapologetic fan-fiction reader and writer. From cheesy 2012 Harry Potter content to the recent Avatar The Last Airbender renaissance, I’ve been part of many fandoms and had a blast doing so.  

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    Why am I the writer you're looking for?

    • I can save you time, money, and resources with my custom content.
      • My writing is 100% original, SEO optimized, and easy to read.
      • If your business needs traffic and new leads, I can help you. I know how to make my content search-engine friendly.
      • Accuracy and quality are my pillars. All of my content involves extensive research and thorough revisions.
      • I'm an easy-going person to work with and I understand why your deadlines are so important. Time is precious and scarce! During our projects, I will make sure all content is delivered in a timely manner.
      • I'm a tremendously driven human and have a ton of passion for what I do as a writer. This is what I love doing and that feeling comes alive through my content. Trust me, your audience will appreciate sensing excitement on what they're reading.

      Interested in working together? Let's talk!