Sol Natalia Dieguez

Bilingual SEO copywriter and literary writer. 

On the lookout for a writer?

You’ve come to the right place. 

As someone with experience in both creative writing and copywriting, I can maximize my skills to cooperate in both fiction and nonfiction projects. My understanding of literary writing and marketing copy makes me a well-rounded professional with versatile interests and involvement in different initiatives. 

Whether you're a small business, an online entrepreneur, or a long-established company, my custom-made content can help grow your visibility and captivate new leads. As a professional content and copywriter, my writing is enjoyable and easy to read, always SEO optimized, and completely unique. It can create fast results for you and your business. 

What I can do for you as a copywriter

  • Blog writing: Blog posts help you connect and create a long-lasting bond with your target audience. They're fantastic for transmitting what your brand stands for and what message it aims to communicate to the world. I can write this kind of powerful blog post for you.
  • Ghostwriting: Do you have amazing ideas but lack the time to write them yourself? No problem, my writing can seamlessly convey your voice and intentions. 
  • SEO Copywriting: Search engine optimization can be tricky, especially paired with a content marketing strategy for your business. My writing can help to market your product or business and serve as an additional value proposition for your current and new leads. 
  • Content writing: If you're looking for high-quality content, be it an effective press release or a savvy news piece, I can make it happen for you. My content attracts, engages, and connects.

What I can do for you as a literary writer

  • Creative writing: I have experience writing short stories, crafting poetry collections and personal essays, and developing a novel-length project. 
  • Copyediting: Line-by-line edits of content while inspecting for grammar mishaps, tone consistency, and optimal sentence structure. Nonfiction and fiction projects.
  • Developmental editing: A close content edit of a completed manuscript regarding characters, plot, scenes, pacing, etc. Nonfiction and fiction projects.

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